Come to play water polo!

Come once or twice a week, or even every day – as you would like.
Bp. 3rd district – there is training every work days – beginners and an advanced team – two fields next to each other, two trainers.
An hour and a half only cost 2500 HUF/practice!

Fill out the application form on the right side, and COME TO PLAY WATER POLO! 

Detailed information


3rd district TVE Swimming Pool: 1037 Bp. Kalap street 1-3.
Entrance at the Hévizi street and the Kalap street junction.
In the evenings there are plenty of free parking areas close to the entrance.


You decide which days you wish to come.
We have training every day: From Monday to Friday from 9.30pm to 11 pm.


We keep training – with two trainers, two teams – beginners and advanced level. This is important because about 40% of the players never played water polo before and about 60% of them were playing in their youth, some played competitively. This way it can be an exciting game for everybody, on their own training level.


An hour and a half is not a short time, it will be tiring especially at the beginning, but you can take a rest anytime.

The training consist of about 5 minutes of warm-up, 25 minutes technical training with a ball – not tiring – according to your level beginner or advanced practice, and 60 minutes of playing.

The point is to enjoy it.


The swimming pool is covered during the whole year, 2m deep, the dimensions are 28,5mX21m. We divide the pool crosswise, so the two teams are training on a 21mX14m water surface beside each other if the number of participants is right. The benefit of this is, if you find the training or the game too hard or too easy, you can simply change teams.


2500 HUF / occasion (ca. 1700 HUF/hour)