8 reasons

1. Help to lose weight

In water, all movements are more tiring and more energy demanding. One and a half hours of water training – even with much resting – equals to a hard cardio/aerob training. The time flies away during the joy of the game, after all, so losing weight won’t become hard work, but an exciting entertainment.

2. Joints

It is a well-known fact, that continental sports are harmful to the joints in the long run. In the case of water polo, however, there is no damaging joint effect.

3. High body weight

No matter how much your body weight is, water polo can be played with ease and enjoyment. Above a certain bodyweight some sports are forbidden for example: running or playing football.

4. Muscle groups

With water polo the inner muscles (eg. the spinal muscles) develop the most, which is the most important and the healthiest choice in the long run. But the other muscles will not be left behind. In a fitness gym, many limit the workout to visible muscle groups.

5. Lung capacity

Water polo contributes to increase lung capacity and therefore it improves certain respiratory illnesses: As staying on the surface of the water requires continuous, deeper breathing, the lungs will be constantly expanding. This increases the vital capacity. The enlarged lobules of the lungs will thus be cleaner.

6. Getting used to it

Fitness coaches often say that you need to raise your doses, and you need to work harder after a while to keep your workout effective.
In water polo – like most ball sports – our performance will automatically rise as we progress because we do not have to do one task, we fight to get the ball. We hustle as much as we can.

7. Age

Above a certain age sports are not as easy to do anymore, only a few sports stay doable. In water, movements are easier, gravitation acts differently, water polo is recommended and enjoyable for older generations.

8. Doing sports long-term

It is important that we exercise in the long run.
Fitness, running – even swimming – is boring for many people. It is difficult to make yourself do it long term – often after a short flare, a long pause follows.

In contrast, hobby-water polo players report that every game is exciting and enjoyable. We do not have to force ourselves to do another set of squats or another round to run. We do not even feel that we are exercising, we just want to get the ball and throw it in the goal.